What We Do for You

Our discovery process starts with you, because when when it comes to your business and brand, we’re serious about creating results that matter. Using consumer and brand insights and strategies of content marketing, we help tell your story to convey your brand values, ignite social change, and empower your communities.

A reader soaking up the pages and phrases of their favorites stories is not usually focusing on the fundamental cognitive and social functions of these narratives. But at Bonfire Culture, we’re doing just that. We know that stories are important for cognition because they help us organize, store, and retrieve information (Schank & Abelson 1995), and we understand that stories are central to social and cultural development, learning, knowledge, adaptation, inspiration, and cohesion (Read and Miller 1995). The best stories don’t end with The End. They impart cultural — and brand — values, and forge lasting emotional connections.